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  • Mixie

    Meet Mixie. ❤
    Mixie is a 5-year old chihuahua mix. Mixie has the sweetest demeanor and her eyes are full of hope. She was brought to SGER overweight...and needs double rear knee surgery for luxated patellas. To be able to safely proceed with surgery, Mixie is in need of exercise...but is in so much pain... She doesn't eat much but still maintains this roly poly figure. SGER is ordering her a life jacket to begin water therapy....please pray that this will help get Mixie where she needs to be for a safe surgery. This pup has so much life to live...we want to give her the quality of life that she truly deserves. Below, we have attached a link of the life jacket that we will be ordering her. If you would like to donate to Mixie's cause, please click the link below to donate via PayPal. Mixie has a long road ahead of her to get where she needs to be with an expensive surgery....if you would like to sponsor her or donate funds to her cause please comment and/or click on the PayPal link below. #sger #Adoptdontshop #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #mixie