• Nipper

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    Mixed | Male | Medium | Young

    For days Nipper laid outside of a vacation home in Gainesville, Georgia begging for help. When the homeowners sought help, everyone refused. 

    With a broken rear leg, and a broken soul to go along with it, his condition continued to deteriorate as the hours turned into days. He was terrified of people, but thankfully, an animal control officer saw him on Facebook, and immediately stepped up to help. 

    When Heather from South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc was contacted about Nipper, she simply couldn't say no, but time was not on his side, so they had to act quickly. He was over an hour from the rescue's vet and it was Sunday night. When they finally arrived, and after great difficulty, they caught him, and drove him straight to Trail Ridge Animal Clinic in Hoboken, Georgia.

    The vets immediately realized this pup was critical, and after x-rays, determined that he has an infected compound fracture on his right rear that will have to be amputated. Once he is stabilized, doctors will open the wound to drain the infection, and possibly amputate it.  

    His life is hanging in the balance and rescuers are determined to fight for this little warrior. He has fought for so long, and they are optimistic that he won't stop now.  

    Please consider helping SGER continue to help the ones everyone else turns a blind eye to. Please share, donate, or even buy something for this sweet baby off of his wish list. It all matters, and it is all appreciated! Thank you for reading his story. We will keep everyone posted with him as we are updated from the vet!