• Reese General Donation

    Reese Came to us 2 years ago from a couple of young adults who didn't know how to properly care or handle her.  She is a lot under saddle if she is being ornery and it scared them. She is a 14 year old TWH mare. They admitted they needed help and brought her to us with a lead rope and sat in the trunk of their car and walked her here. She was thin and needed teeth, feet and coggins test initially. after a few months we realized she has two issues. She has a hard time sweating sometimes and she has heaves. Both are manageable issues. These horses tend to do better in colder climates, we are in South GA. We would love for her to eventually find her own home, but in the mean time her care is what we will focus on until that person comes along. Please consider helping Reese with her general care and expenses.