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Roadie & Her Babies

Female | Senior

Sadly, an owner who had recently passed away was the only one feeding and caring for a group of semi-feral dogs. The first day South Georgia Equine Rescue arrived at the scene, it became as clear as day that Mama Roadie was going to pop any moment. 

Sure enough, when rescuers went back the next day, Mama Roadie had her babies under the filthiest, rancid-smelling house rescuers had ever come across. One of the babies was dead, but the others were in overall good health all things considering. Mama Roadie is an older girl and it's clear she's had a rough life, as she was terrified to the touch and all her front teeth were broken. 

Mama Roadie and her babies may finally be safe, but they have a long road ahead of them. Rescuers can use every ounce of support they can get as they care for this family as well as the four other dogs saved from the same house. So, whether it's a few dollars toward Mama Roadie and her babies' care or a much-needed item from their wishlist, everything makes a world of a difference. Thank you so much in advance!