Equine Remedy, LLC & South Georgia Equine Rescue LLC.



As Bryan lay in the dirt with a broken leg and a severely infected bloody gash, no one was able to help because every rescue was full of emergency cases. Even though South Georgia Equine Rescue is overwhelmed with medical cases as well, there was no way they were going to let that stop them from helping him.

Bryan was most likely hit by a car, and from the looks of him, it must have happened days ago. He has at least one rear broken leg and his front leg is severely infected with maggots. With no time to waste, rescuers immediately rushed Bryan to the emergency vet. 

Bryan is currently at the vet receiving an evaluation, but he can use all the prayers and love he can get. Please consider donating toward his medical care or sending him a healing item from his wishlist. Every little bit makes a big difference. Thank you in advance for helping rescuers help give Bryan a fighting chance!