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  • Sadie Bug

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    Sadie Bug is sassy and fiery as ever!!! She brings such a JOY to South Georgia Equine Rescue with her wild spirit. She is the leader of the pack despite her size and back legs not working. No one will push her around...she is thriving. She has moved from canned food to eating Hill's® Science Diet® Sensitive Stomach & Skin Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food - Chicken & Barley. She gets around all over with or without her cart. She has a complete YOLO attitude. If you would like to sponsor Sadie...she is $55 per month for her special food and flea/tick medication. Or if you would like to bless Sadie with funds of any size. Or if you would like to donate a bag of her food. Sadie appreciates any and all help and prayers! She sends her love to everyone and stresses for others not to sweat the small stuff.

    This precious little girl's name is Sadie. At only four weeks old, she was found all alone with no control over her hind end. Due to her debilitating condition and with no mama in sight, rescuers weren't quite sure how she managed to survive. But, Sadie has proven to be a fighter. 

    Shortly after coming to South Georgia Equine, Sadie visited the vet for an evaluation. Although her X-rays will need to be repeated, it was discovered that her bones hadn't developed correctly. She currently has a wheelchair, but she needs to grow before she will be able to use it. 

    As for right now, Sadie is resting in her foster home where she is receiving endless amounts of love, food, and care. If you are able to donate to Sadie's care or an item from her wishlist, it would mean the world. Thank you for your generous support!