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  • Simon

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    If Simon could speak he would probably tell us all a story we never want to hear. A story that is just too gutwrenching to forget. The story that came with Simon was that his owners moved away and left him and a cat behind. When the new owners contacted them in regards to picking them up, all contact stopped and it was at that time he realized no one was coming back for them. 

    The new owner had been doing the best he could for Simon, but he works out of town a lot. Slowly over the past four months, Simon stayed true to his loyal being, while never leaving what he knew as home, even when everyone left him all alone. Alone, hungry, and lonely. This has been Simon's life for the past four months.

    Simon was seen crossing the road into the woods by a neighbor who mistaken him for a deer because he is still roughly 100 pounds skin and bones. When she realized, this was no deer but instead a skeleton of a dog..she followed him back to "the only home he knows." That's when she got the story that South Georgia Equine Rescue has been told.

    Please help rescuers help Simon not only find his place, but also help him learn to love again and have a fulfilled life in his golden years. A donation, a share, or an item off of his wishlist, everything helps and makes a world of a difference for this sweet boy. Thank you so much for your love and support. 


    Heather Gavitt

    CEO of South Georgia Equine Rescue Inc. 

    Waynesville Ga 

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